The Shattered Clan

Bastards on the Back Porch
An Orc warparty has moved in next door

Crulamin’s scouts have recently located a gang of orcs setting up an encampment within 3 days ride of the western fields of Kylamm. He has asked a small band to go out and scout the area in advance of the small force of 50 or so soldiers he is bringing. This band includes Cupshigh Wankershim, who would act as an engineer to map out any of their defenses and report on the best way to attack. It also includes Wojstorm Riverhammer as the party’s leader, Bodewhin Coopersmith as support, and Olokas Blanderblunder as the expert at getting near the camp stealthily.

Upon first sight, the party understands that Crulamin’s small force will be sorely outmatched. There are at least 80 orcs in this encampment, as well as roughly 10 goblins, a bugbear captain and an orcish shaman. It becomes even more fearsome when the party witnesses a group of skeletal pack animals dragging lumber to and from the construction area. Furthermore, the shaman is ordering the goblins to continue construction on a series of seige engines, spear-hurlers which discharge multiple missiles per shot.

The camp is a simple clearing with a few tents, a small construction area where the engines are being built, and a hut from which the shaman operates, which is neighbored by a stack of crates filled with undetermined things.

It does not take long for the scouting mission to turn sour. Olokas, brashly acting as he always does, thinks he has a way to magically mark the shaman, as an assured way to allow Crulamin’s archers to target him. Olokas, with a smile, looks to his questioning friend Cupshigh, and says “I got this,” as he casts invisibility upon himself. He creeps close to the shaman, but all goes wrong when the fell orc turns directly to regard him, and immediately enthralls the gnomish illusionist in a charm.

In moments the hapless gnome has revealed himself to the shaman, and points to the west, where the force from Kylamm approaches. He then turns and gestures east, up the hill where his friends watch from a vantage point. The shaman grunts and murmurs to his bugbear captain, and everything goes to hell from there.

The First Forray into the Mountains

The gameplay in this campaign setting began with Bowman Nuggetsmasher’s first trip into the orc-controlled lands north of the city of Kylamm. I apologize for the lack of details, but it is nicely summarized in a few bullet points.

  • Bowman knows it is his duty as a young Bangalore to venture forth and fight the orcish enemy. He is accompanied by his close human friend Woody McSnakesinisboots (its a nickname), as the hike dutifully up into the mountains.

  • Before too long, after already having faced a few encounters, the pair find an orc encampment. Having located a horseshoe cliff face that was nearly impassable, they located a way around which provided easy access to the mountains and ridges beyond. Near to this level, worked road above a ridge and valley was a small encampment of orcs. Upon further inspection, the number commonly fluctuated, which led Bowman to believe that it was not a simple encampment.

  • A returning patrol of orcs confirmed his suspicions, and as it turns out, Bowman had discovered an entrance to some part of an orcish mine complex. He successfully duped and then destroyed both the patrol and the guards, then ventured into the mines.

  • Following some heated battles, Bowman eventually freed a few of the orc’s slaves and very narrowly escaped the mines with his own and their lives. Woody was severely injured in the process and was practically carried back to Kylamm.

  • Bowman and Woody became instant heroes, having recovered those captured by the orcs. In addition, Bowman returned with several dwarven artifacts, pillaged from the mining complex. This included his new morning star, which will both be put to good use in the future, and will be a plot-driver for future adventures.


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