The Largest of Many Tribes in the Area

The Barrankas lead all of the other tribes of orcs, as well as their goblin, troll and ogre allies. Barranka itself is situated in the Northeast of the mountain range. Their standard is a red eye, seemingly reptilian. It represents the eye of Orukas, the Orc God of Blood and Battle.

Most of the Colluk Cultists become members of this dire organization after serving some time within the Orukas Priesthood. It is unknown what is so appealing that the Orukas Shamen so often turn to necromancy and the worship of Colluk, but it is more frequent than Chief Barranka would prefer to see.

The Clan Chief himself changes regularly. It is very much so a martial society, and if a leader shows the slightest weakness, he is slain, and a new champion takes over the tribe.

The Barrankas have grown exponentially over the years, as they rapidly are breeding to fill up their newly conquered areas, and as they commonly assimilate the smaller tribes and clans into their fold to grow their numbers.
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The Shattered Clan Calem