The Mad Orc; an Ancient Orcish Litch of Great Power

Colluk is an ancient orcish necromancer. It is possible that in his life, he had been a half-orc, but his origins are largely unknown.

What is known is that sometime around the ninth orc war, he and the small cult following of orcish shamen and necromancers appeared as an ally to the Barranka Orcs. Sometime following the tenth Orc war, the Barrankas refused to align with him and his growing cult any longer.

The young Chief Barranka, reeling from a loss to the Iron Warlord in the thirteenth Orc War, succumbed to his ambition and allowed Colluk and his fanatical cult to lead his armies against the Bangalores. When dead would fall from either side, they would rise up to fight against the dwarves again. It wasn’t long until Colluck had an army more than triple that remaining of Chief Barranka.

Wisely, the young Chief withdrew from the war and left Colluk and his cultists to their fate. The Iron Warlord, the Orcslayer and the Heartless Dwarf together were able to imprison Colluk, where he has remained since that point, 750 years ago.

He is an undead necromancer, a litch of tremendous power. As the Barranka’s have grown in power since the fourteenth Orc War, so has his cult, which always strives to set their master free.


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